Sunday, 22 March 2015


I remember as a child singing this particular song,"The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here...".

However,I've observed that as we grow up we oft forget what it takes to be happy and seldom learn to even smile too! In this melee of our ever changing priorities,our definition of happiness too undergoes a sea-change. 

As a child we gurgled with laughter at small things that brought us great happiness! We would be elated when dad took the family for an outing or at the local parks and followed it up by a dinner at a restaurant. We enjoyed our little picnics in the vicinity or jumped with joy when our parents took us on a surprise trip to an amusement park.And a game of Carrom-board in our neighborhood would simply light us up and make our day!

But today,our definition of happiness has unfortunately turned very materialistic.The days when little things brought us happiness seems to have become a thing of the past.Today, our happiness quotient is directly proportional to our neighbor's possession.To elucidate my point further,for example-if our neighbor has a BMW car,an I-phone 6,the latest Bose speakers or for that matter has made a trip abroad for summer holidays...that is enough to make us restless and unhappy especially if we don't happen to own one (or for that matter all!) or haven't made a trip overseas yet.This has unfortunately become our yardstick of measuring happiness!`

In my life,much to the temptations around me,I consciously try to find joys in doing little things and not get swayed away by the outer world as much as possible...

A visit to Mother Theresa's Bal Bhavan is one such place that gives me great happiness especially when I interact with young children,play with them and donate some of my old clothes to the home. It gives me a sense of contentment that I was able to spread some smiles even if was for just a few hours.And then after my visit, it's time for introspection when I realize that I crib about the many things that I want from life even though I should be giving a thought to those who have none and yet are so contented with life as they take each day as it comes. Many people today would want to be in my place and then it gradually dawns upon me that I must count my blessings and express gratitude to God for all the wonderful gifts he has showered on us so as to befitted to receive more.And it is with these thoughts that I try to shun seeing the negative picture and filter in positivity in my life. And lo, I am happy and cheerful once again!

Playing with animals,like stray dogs particularly or watching the monkeys from a safe distance gang up in hordes during their routine rounds in our neighborhood and create a ruckus are images that leave me both happy and amused!

Back at home,my young twin cousins are a wonderful twosome who keep me enthralled with all their chitter-chatter and the new games they learn at school that bring a smile on my face.Being in their company,playing with them and helping them with their school projects... keeps me miles away from growing up as I become a child with them once again when we play pranks and laugh our hearts out!

Reminiscing the times gone by when on a Sunday me and my parents go through the family albums as they recall the story or mood behind some of those pictures make me both nostalgic and happy.Above all,it's the little things like spending time with my parents,sharing their chores,having a meal together with an interesting conversation to go along like politics, films or even cracking some jokes are the moments that add life to years! 

Thus today on International Day of Happiness,here are just a few simple mantras of life that I shared with you which come without any price tag! Joy,laughter,love,happiness,smiles have no cost attached to them until you decide to attribute one to them! As they say it is the little things of life are the most expensive...could they have meant it in the context of what I just mentioned above? Think about it! :-)


This post was written for the International Day Of Happiness #Iamhappy Campaign at Coca-Cola India

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