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Are you a Chandigarhite? And do you occasionally enjoy some fine dining?Sometimes indulging your taste buds can burn a hole in your pocket especially when you are unaware of the best dining options that's available in your city.

Now, ponder for a moment when I ask you - How'd it be if you were offered a variety of unlimited Indian and Chinese cuisines at a reasonable price? In fact, how'd you react if I said that a meal for two would cost you around just Rs. 700-800? And what would you say if I told you that a lunch or dinner at the restaurant offered you food that's 'unlimited'? And now if I elaborated a bit and told you that an unlimited meal comprised of soft-drinks, starters, six types of salads, around twelve to fifteen dishes in the main course with vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, six yummy desserts and four different flavored ice-cream? Now, would you be surprised or still have second thoughts about it? 

So, here's where this review comes in!

(Please note: I will be objective about my opinions in this review. I'm sure you'll agree that no two person's experience can be the same! So, no verbal bashing please!)

Truly 'Serving Happiness' on your platter!
Have you heard about the Buffet Hut in Sector-9, Chandigarh? I was recently invited for a complimentary meal for two at their restaurant as a part of their on-going promotional activities on the social medias. And I must add here, that I had a very good time! 

Though I went on a Saturday (which obviously being the weekend is the day when there's maximum rush) but in spite of that, we were very well received with a table reserved for two (there's enough space for four actually)!  Back at our table, as we took our seat the steward lit a diya which was immediately followed by unlimited servings of starters served on our platters which according to me is very unique and positive because the general trend is that starters are never served! Generally we have to help ourselves with the tooth pick acting as our only cutlery and keep patient as the waiters make their timely rounds! But B.H. is different, so here's where it scores a point! 

Crispy Chicken Wings for starters!
The starters were quite filling and delicious,I was particularly floored with the variety they had to offer!It began with Crispy Chicken Wings,Chicken Tikka, Honey Chilly Cauliflower, Seekh Kebabs, Vegetable Tikkis, Pudina Paneer Tikka,Cheese-Onion Capsicum Pizza among many others.Just a thought, I felt that the preparation of Crispy Chicken Wings could have been soft and boneless would have been  excellent! Oh and by the way to begin with,you are given the option to choose the soft-drinks you'd like to have with your starters and I'd recommend you not to miss Jal-Jeera for anything!Their Jal-Jeera was so refreshing and appetizing that it took me another glass to satiate my thirst for this drink! For the generous helpings of starters, here's another point for B.H.!

The delightful main course!
Well, some of you must be thinking that because the starters were so elaborate then perhaps the main course might have been on a slightly smaller scale...well there you're wrong! In one word...I'd say, t'was one lavish feast! I thought it was like attending a party with a generous host (which of course was Buffet Hut) who wouldn't let you go hungry with food overflowing from all much so I didn't know where to start from! The main course had Palak Corn Masala, Pasta in Red Sauce,Murg Makhani, Sliced Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce, Gosht Banjara, Chicken Dum Biryani, wide varieties of salads, raitas, khakhras and lots more! In fact, I don't recall the names of more than half the dishes since I was almost full once the starters were I had little chance to try out more cuisines! But whatever few I did eat like Palak Corn Masala, Murg Makhani, Chicken Dum Biryani, Pineapple-Green Pea salads and Butter Naan - I relished them all! However, I felt that the preparation of Sliced Chicken in Hot Garlic sauce could be improved upon. However, I grant them yet another point for their efforts.

As for the desserts, I tremendously missed both Moong Dal Halwa and Gajar Ka Halwa from that day's menu. (Oh, by the way did I tell you that Buffet Hut offers you a new menu your taste buds are well taken care of!) Getting back to the desserts, I had cakes, chocolate brownies, fruit salad, hot Gulab Jamuns and a spoon's helping of Seviya Kheer....but I still thought that the winter's delicacy (which are the halwas, i.e. either of them) should definitely have been included among the list of desserts. So, it's half a point here.

Have you made your plans to visit Buffet Hut?
Coming to the ambiance,it was a pleasant atmosphere with an LED put up for entertainment and more so it was neat and clean. The staff was hospitable and prompt in their service. In fact, they were quick to clear the table as and when we went to the counter to help ourselves with the main course.The counters of the buffet were well arranged with vegetarian dishes on one side and the the non-vegetarian dishes on the other. In fact I quite loved the food heating system on an induction cook-top which is the first I've seen in a restaurant. A suggestion here, they could have a soft instrumental playing in the background which I thought would gel well with the traditional look of the restaurant. In fact, going by the response of the people that kept pouring in at regular intervals, I could well imagine the popularity B.H. shares with the residents of the it's time they work towards expanding their seating arrangement to minimize the waiting period. 
Good going on this front too and here's another point earned.

Overall, it's thumbs up from me with a rating of 4.5 on 5If you are looking for sumptuous cuisines with a wide variety to choose from,without pinching your pockets while enjoying a dinner for two under Rs. 1000 (and still save some bucks), then Buffet Hut is the place to dine! You gotta try it once to satisfy yourself!!

For more details, visit their active Facebook page to get a peek on the day's menu and answers to your queries-
You can also call them at : 8968785780
Address: SCO 143-144, Sector 9-C, Chandigarh
Timings for Lunch: 11 am to 4 pm
Timings for Dinner: 7 pm to 11 pm.

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Bon Appétit!


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